The Survey Says : Top Cities for Cyclist

The magazine, Bicycling, publishes their own version of the Top 50 Bicycle Friendly Cities in the US. Most of them aren’t a surprise, but what is surprising is that Portland, Oregon was bumped out of the top seed by Minneapolis, MN.

Bicycling Mag Top Cities 2010

Top 5 Cities

#1 Minneapolis, Minnesota

*I must note that Minneapolis most likely moved to #1 due to Twin Six being based here*

#2 Portland, Oregon

#3 Boulder, Colorado

#4 Seattle, Washington

#5 Eugene, Oregon


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0 thoughts on “The Survey Says : Top Cities for Cyclist”

  1. Colt says:

    Gotta say I am a little bummed Salt Lake ranked so low.

  2. Are you suggesting that Mpls. placed 1st because Bicycling Magazine’s owners are based in Mpls.?

    Isn’t Commute by Bike is based in Portland? So, Portland was bumped by Mpls. from many previous years of being the number one bike city acording to Bicycling Magazine’s survey. Sounds like sour grapes. ;^)

  3. Spider –

    I’m based out of Charlotte, NC. No ties to Portland at all.

    Twin Six are good friends of the site, they are based out of Mpls. Didn’t even know Bicycling was out of there as well.

  4. Sorry, I misunderstood the gist of the comment about Twin Six. I had heard that the publisher is based here, so I made the assumption that the comment was related to that “fact?”.

    I’ve biked in Portland and think Mpls. could learn a lot from her.

    I must say I enjoyed the articles exploration of Winter riding, of which I partake. I can say I know what “Brown Sugar” is. When wading in to it you’d better watch out or you’ll end up on your ass.

    BTW~ to get the whole story, you have to get the hard copy.

  5. steve says:

    This seems a bit ad hoc to me. I’d like to see serious metrics and then compare to the best in the world. So is Portland 200 milliCopehagens?

  6. tyler says:

    bicycling’s home office is in Emmaus, PA. and I’m not sure what Twin Six being in Mpls had to do w this article – they’re just one of the many bike-related businesses here.

    my guess is that Bicycling was looking to make a daring declaration. Mpls has ranked second behind Portland for a long time. They still have more commuters-per-capita, but the focus of the article is on the bike culture here, how close we’ve worked w city government and the fact we’ve doubled the number of riders in the last 3 years or so. Plus the fact that we factor highly in the commuter rankings despite the weather.

    I have nothing invested in the ranking besides a little pride in my hometown. it really means nothing to me on a personal level, though it will maybe bring Mpls attention from other media outlets and so on.

  7. Paul says:

    Tempe – no hills and year-round sunshine should rank higher. Plus a dozen college town bike shops and 170 miles of bike lanes.

    And don’t forget T.B.A.G.

  8. Allie says:

    East Coast needs to represent!!

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