Bike Month Updates

We would like to hear from you how National Bike Month is changing your area of the United States.  Are there more rides and events? Better advocacy or club meetings?

In Charlotte we had a two week event, Bike Charlotte, where various clubs and bike shops put on events and rides.  There were more bike rodeos and club meetings in those two weeks than in the past year.  All of this was progressive change in my mind and I hope to see it cause a snowball effect in the coming months.  It seems as a whole, we see in this country a great amount of movement around cycling between the National Bike Summit in March and National Bike Month in May, but not much after.

What are you seeing?

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0 thoughts on “Bike Month Updates”

  1. Jason says:

    I bought a folding bike…seeing more and more people on busy streets.

  2. Tim K says:

    we are having our best BTWW ever in Western Wisconsin. Check it out at http://www.driftlessbicycle.or/biketowork

  3. Tim K says:

    oops.. the url is or check out DRBC on facebook. Sorry for the error.

  4. Matt P says:

    Well other than people on bikes coming out of the woodwork for bike to work day last week, nothing has changed. Here in south central Kansas, this is not something that seems sustainable.

    I asked the organizers, “where are all these people when it’s not bike to work day?” They just said “yeah…” and went back to talking to the newspaper reporter.

    I know I’m surely not the only one who commutes in this town but it sure feels like it.

  5. An says:

    I rode my bike to work like usual. Again, I was the only one on a bike, even on NBTWW.

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