Massachusetts BOB Trailer Tour

John sent us in these photos of his bike tour through Massachusetts that he titled his “200+ Mile Senior Citizen Tour”. From the looks of it, I’d say that most young guys would have to be in pretty good shape to keep up with John and his fully loaded BOB Trailer with Greenspeed Rack, 4D Toplight and Ortlieb Panniers. From the looks of it, John had a great time cruising along the Cape Cod Rail Trail.

Here are a few words John sent along with the pictures:

Actually got Bob and the orange panniers from you guys in 2009………this adventure was 10 May to 13 May 2010. The bike is a K2 Easy Street Bike with some add ons….and nothing to be ashamed of after almost 2000 miles. It may be asked to yield to a Thorn Raven if this geezer proves that he deserves one in the future.

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6 thoughts on “Massachusetts BOB Trailer Tour”

  1. Will says:

    Great looking rig! I need to take another long tour soon.

  2. gary says:

    John, I am a 54 yr old Army guy in Afghan right now and looking to ride across the states when I get back. I’m looking to honor my fallen comrades and expect to carry my camping load. Wondered what it’s like for you going up & down mountainous roads with your trailer? Also, how much weight did you carry? Appreciate any insights. I have a Trek 4300 here that I’m working my way up to at least one to two 70 mile rides (around the perimeter of our camp) before I come home. My name is Chaplain Gary Williams and my email is

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  4. barney says:

    are you the dive instructor?
    on the unicycle?

  5. BuoyancyQuest says:

    Yes……too bad SCUBA Diving and Cave Diving are not “Fitness Sports”. If you have friends who dive or have been to any dive resorts around the world, you know there are too many overweight divers and too many who still smoke. I’m an older instructor/diver so I have to find ways to stay in shape. Bicycle riding is one way….there are others….but I manage to combine exercise with travel and so far….so good……of course the body on the unicycle on our workshops page 2 belongs to me…..the other one is on loan …. John

  6. chelsea M says:

    I couldn’t find the unicycle pix at first. I guess I thought they were on the home page but it was on this one:
    The diving videos were great!

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