Globally Accesible DIY Bike Trailer.

Here is the latest installment of DIY bike trailers. This one comes to us from across the pond thanks to Henry and his ambition to create a bike trailer that can be constructed any where in the world with simple materials. As Henry stated in his story to us, his goal was to create the simplest, most affordable, most globally accessible DIY bike trailer. Something that doesn’t require any measuring, no pipe bending and no “fussy” hitches.

Henry’s initial design incorporates a plastic delivery crate as the cargo body, which certainly is not uncommon item found around the world. The frame body is constructed using steal box frame, some u-bolts and a couple of welds. Henry states that using the box steel is simpler to work with then round tubing and makes creating the slotting for the cargo box much easier. If a flat load bed design is needed then a piece of plywood can be bolted right to the box frame.

Henry created the hitch design using two short sections of steel cable u-bolted to sheet metal. Henry also claims that a cable hitch design helps to prevent trailer catch up, this is where the trailer lurches back and forth with the change in momentum of the bike.

Henry likes the ability of being able to pull the cargo box in and out of the slots in the main frame because it makes it easier to load cargo, allows removal of the cargo box to prevent theft and places the center of gravity much lower for improved handling. Here is a list that Henry complied of the parts that will get you started.

2x 20 wheels (BMX or kids bike)
6m of steel box tubing 20mm to 1 dia. 1.2mm or 1.6mm thickness.*
Some 2mm steel sheet.
A plastic coated cable bike lock.
4x U-bolts to clamp the cable.
1x Plastic crate (Tesco delivery boxes are ideal)
Optional plastic end caps or finishing plugs.

Henry is on the right track, with a little creativity and some spare parts a DIY bike trailer is quite simple.

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2 thoughts on “Globally Accesible DIY Bike Trailer.”

  1. Michael says:

    The green grocery delivery crate ought to be a standard size unit for anyone building a trailer in the United Kingdom. They are found in street markets, catering, and are highly useful.

    I converted an old (Freecycled) child’s trailer, originally sold by a big bike retailer, into a cargo trailer by stripping away all the canvas coverings, etc, and snapping in a grocery crate.

    A few pictures here:

  2. Michael Feicco says:

    This is great. I’m starting an exact project but using a baby jogger. I like your connection to the bike.

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