Overcoming Your Fears of Cycling

Below is a great film from San Francisco by Laura Lukitsch about overcoming ones fears of commuting by bicycle. In the film, people are asked about how they started commuting by bike, what they were most afraid of, and how they worked to overcome those fears. I recommend the film for both newbies and seasoned bike commuting vets, as there are some good anecdotes and advice. Enjoy!MIND THE GAP – URBAN BIKING: Overcoming Your Fears from Laura J. Lukitsch on Vimeo.Via Cyclelicio.us.

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2 thoughts on “Overcoming Your Fears of Cycling”

  1. One tip from my experience of commuting here in Spokane is that the established bicycle routes may not be the safest or the most enjoyable. Sometimes it is better to ride one block off of the designated routes — so long as you are aware that most intersections in Spokane are uncontrolled. Yield to the traffic on your right but never assume that they know the rules! Most of them do not.

    Another tip is to pick a route that is scenic. It’s worth the extra minute or two.

  2. Hi Matt,

    That is a good point that sometimes it is easier to use local streets to make riding more enjoyable. I have found that here in Tucson, local streets can be good and bad, as people are sometimes paying less attention than they are on major roads, but the speeds are usually much lower and there is less traffic, which can increase the enjoyment factor! I think it is best to experiment with your route to figure out which streets are the best along your way.

    Thanks for the comment!

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