Three Mobile Apps That Cyclists Need To Know About

When you head out cycling you usually take a few of the essentials with you. Pump, tire levers, spare inner tube, keys, and mobile phone. The final one can double up to offer a ton of useful functionality. Here are three apps that may be of use.

1/ Bike Doctor

[Disclosure: This is my app!]

Available on: Android and iPhone
Bike DoctorIf anything crops up during your ride you can quickly refer to the app for repair instructions. It’s far better than heading to the nearest bike shop and spending $10-$20 for a simple repair you can do yourself. The app also has some useful extras such as a bike safety check to be sure it’s ready to ride. This version has a total of 24 repairs.
Cycle Meter

2/ Cycle Meter

Available on: iPhone

This is a firm favorite GPS tracking app. It gives you all the readings you’ll need such as ride time, speed, distance and elevation. It keeps track of all your rides on the phone and allows you to Tweet or Facebook your ride. Rides can also be exported if you wish to upload them to cycle route Web sites. The only downside is its only available currently on the iPhone.

3/ Endomondo

Available on: Nearly all mobiles
Similarly to Cycle Meter this app will track your cycling. It’s worth mentioning this one too because it works on a wider range of mobile phones and people have often not heard of it. It will also allow you to follow a route.

For more cycling apps check out iPhone bike apps and Android cycling apps.

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5 thoughts on “Three Mobile Apps That Cyclists Need To Know About”

  1. John Craine says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention MyTracks for Android. It’s a free app from Google that tracks your ride and then let’s you upload it to Google Maps. It even has a nifty female voice that tells you your stats and intervals you select. Highly recommended and did I mention it’s free?

  2. Pat says:

    I’ve been reading CBB for quite a while now and was surprised to see [disclosure! this is my app] near the top. CBB has been a source of objective reviews of products for me for a while now.

    I checked out the app, and read the reviews; both of which were not positive.

    I hope that this is not the new direction that the site takes.

    [Editor’s Note: We appreciate your concern and your critique. Andreas runs London Cyclist, and Bike Shop Girl has published his contributions to Commute By Bike twice before (1, 2). In fact, Bike Shop Girl forwarded this post to us to publish. With that credibility behind him, we let a little self promotion slide in this case. But be assured that this is not the direction that the site will take.]

  3. toddonbike says:

    I’ve been using Runkeeper for Android (free version) and it’s been great. I have considered using MyTracks, I like the data it provides as well. Free is for me!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    “It’s far better than heading to the nearest bike shop and spending $10-$20 for a simple repair you can do yourself.”

    I disagree with this statement, sort of. Yes, I may spend $10-$20 on a repair at my bike shop, but if I did it myself I’d have to have all the tools and an appropriate ‘shop’ area. Plus, depending on the fix, spending the cash to have a pro do it might be well worth the money considering the hacky quality a newbie might bring to the table. This also means you’re supporting your local bike shop.

    Of course I know this means you have to have the cash to spend on a pro do to it. But that’s why bike cooperatives exist…

    This isn’t to say anything bad about the app, as I haven’t used it and the preview screens aren’t telling me much.

  5. matt says:

    last post was questionable cycling advice (don’t signal? run stop signs?) and now self-promotion. yick

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