E Lee's Extrawheel Sized for Bike Friday

We were excited to see this Extrawheel Voyager bike trailer set up for use with a Bike Friday. These photos demonstrate the Extrawheel setup with a 20″ rear wheel. This setup allows for the same 20″ wheel, 20″ tire and 20″ tube on the trailer as on the bike. This is quite convenient when it comes to carrying spares. This also allows for the Extrawheel’s wheel to offer up a spare wheel or tire if needed in a pinch.

This photo also demonstrates another important aspect of the Extrawheel Voyager, its excellent capacity to be used for traveling with a bike. The Voyager easily compacts down very neatly by removing the wheel, unclipping the Extrawheel fork and removing the bike panniers.

Here is a quick description by E. Lee of his setup:

“Bike & camp tour in Netherlands. Use of 20” wheel on an Extrawheel Trailer with MEC panniers on the trailer and Jandd Panniers on the bike rack installed on the Bike Friday Crusoe bike.”

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3 thoughts on “E Lee's Extrawheel Sized for Bike Friday”

  1. I like the idea of high capacity bikes, and this looks like a neat design. But always wondered about how stable the single wheel tailors are generally. I’m a noob at trailors, only have experience with a rear rack loaded – do these one compare in the feel of it?

    We tried putting 25lb of books on the back rack, and it really felt like a tank, wanting to topple over :p

  2. Josh says:

    Single wheel bike trailers such as the Extrawheel do a much better job at handling heavy loads than do bike racks do the their low center of gravity. That being said, there is still some side-to-side feeling of the weight. To eliminate this completely, consider two wheel bike trailers, though conversely, you’ll loose some manueverability especially in off-roading conditions.

  3. Gerardo says:

    but Bike Friday recommended only to use two wheel trailers,
    I use a carry freedom y frame

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