'If you can dress to ski you can dress to be a winter cyclist' (Roundup)

Ask yourself: Can a politician love cycling infrastructure too much?

Got your answer? Are you sure?

Now watch this:

That’s Marty Markowitz, the Borough President of Brooklyn, New York City. [Via Bike Blog NYC]

Utility Cycling

Apparently lots of local politicians showed up to associate themselves with the “new” multi-use tunnel just opened in Sonoma County, CA. The tunnel was built in 1884 for the railroad. Cycling advocates worked for the last 12 years to get it converted into a state-of-the art cycling and pedestrian facility.

Commute By Bike

Inevitably, Tom Bowden’s very popular post How to Talk About Cycling to a Conservative has been pushed off our front page.

London 1593Bowden’s guest post is the most viral post that Commute By Bike has ever published. More than 1500 Web pages have linked to the article (so far), including The Huffington Post among other prominent political Web sites.

Not to mention the link has been tweeted more than 150 times. (If that sentence makes any sense to you, you’ll be mildly impressed.)

Bowden even inspired a series of posts on the Ride Solutions blog, the first in the series titled Defending Europe.

Liberal cheerleaders of Europe fail when they grant too much prescience to Europe’s leaders and urban designers. In most cases, the urban density, pedestrian-friendly cities, transit-oriented development, and other elements that encourage alternative modes is just an accident of history.

Commute By Bike

Fort Collins Winter Bike to Work DayFort Collins, CO, isn’t satisfied with a fair-weather bike-to-work week. The gold level bike-friendly community just held a winter bike-to work day.

We want to offer resources to teach people how to bike year-round, and that’s why we do the extreme in the winter – to show that it’s possible to use a bike for transportation,” [Fort Collins Cycling Coordinator, DK Kemp] said, adding that if you can dress to ski you can dress to be a winter cyclist.

Commute By Bike

If you can dress to ski… and have a roll of duct tape, that is. This helmet modification from Finland closes the vents, keeping the rider’s head warm. [Via BikeHacks]

Duct Tape for Winter Bike Commuting
Click image to see the original by Flickr user hugovk

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7 thoughts on “'If you can dress to ski you can dress to be a winter cyclist' (Roundup)”

  1. matt says:

    even better – use reflective yellow tape over your vents!

    Tom’s post is definitely best of the year

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      I like the reflective tape idea. I don’t think I’d put duct tape on my helmet, but I’d consider reflective tape.

  2. David says:

    If you can dress for mild weather you can ride a velomobile in very cold temps.

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      Pssst… Keep checking back for a forthcoming article on commuting by velomobile.

  3. Paul says:

    Uh, not such a good idea, not versatile enough. Better – try a helmet cover, or a thin plastic shower cap UNDER the helmet. I find I don’t need that much protection till the temp gets in the single digits degree F.

  4. Hugo says:

    The temperature here in Helsinki (where I took that photo) have been in the single digits degree F, and it’s forecast to go into the negative degree F at Christmas!

  5. Thomas Bowden says:

    Thanks for the tip on the duct tape – the picture helped a lot! I had heard about this trick, and tried it once or twice, but putting the helmet on BEFORE the duct tape eliminates the painful removal process when I get to work. Ride on!

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