Riding in the Winter

Streetfilms latest film is dedicated to the fine art of winter cycling. The film gives some great tips for how to dress (and not overdress) appropriately for winter riding. Appropriate gear can vary a lot by the conditions, temperature, etc., but the video gives a great starting point to work from. And more importantly, it emphasizes the importance of preparing mentally…although, you’ll probably find that it’s not as hard as you thought it might be!

Winter Biking Primer from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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4 thoughts on “Riding in the Winter”

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  2. Aw, c’mon…It’s not really winter cycling unless you have to ride in snow and icy conditions on poorly-plowed streets, especially with the ridges that pile up at intersections. I’d love to see some videos giving tips for dealing with that! While this video gives some useful info about clothing, I note the complete lack of any sort of wintry pavement enhancement, despite the fact that it was shot in Chicago…so my question is, when did they film it…August?

    1. I’m not sure I agree that it’s not winter cycling unless you have to ride in snow and icy conditions, etc. It can still be pretty tough to ride in really cold conditions. Yes, it is much more difficult to ride in when there is snow and ice on the roads, but it shouldn’t negate the difficulty that many people face when it comes to simply riding in frigid temps. But yes, I do agree that it would be great to see some videos for how to deal with those conditions. I’ll see if I can find some! It seems that there was no snow when Streetfilms visiting Chicago, but it’s clearly winter since there are no leaves on the trees. 🙂

  3. This is winter cycling : http://www.enjeu.qc.ca/velo/

    This year we are over a hundred cyclists from all over the province to ride 300 km to the National Assembly in Quebec City to propose transportation alternatives to our politicians.

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