Jawa Costume from Bike Accessories

Recently I received a pair of Fire Eye rear helmet lights for review–and we will review these lights… eventually.

Fire Eye Rear Lights
Photo: Illumninated Cycling

But my first instinct was to goof off with them. And my first thought was, These are Jawa eyes.

(If you’re not a Star Wars nerd, congratulations, you have a life.)

I looked around for cycling accessories that would complete the costume. Then I needed a model.

Serendipity struck: Today my commute involved getting my 12-year-old stepdaughter to school.

We swung by the office before continuing to school, and I accessorized her thus:

Jawa Costume from Bike Accessories
Can I please go to school now?

Accessories used:

Maybe I could have waited until Halloween, but by then she’ll be six months closer to being an official teenager, and cooperation would not be guaranteed.

Previous documentation of the torment of my stepdaughter here and here.

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One thought on “Jawa Costume from Bike Accessories”

  1. BluesCat says:

    ” … but by then she’ll be six months closer to being an official teenager, and cooperation would not be guaranteed …”

    Yeah … (sigh)

    Then, three years after THAT, when she gets her driver’s license, and thereby becomes “all knowing,” she’ll oftentimes express to her friends how she is amazed you’ve made it to be as OLD as you are … considering how DUMB you are!

    Take heart, there is light at the end of the tunnel. At 23, my son is just now discovering that his old man really isn’t that stoopid!

    ‘Course, it helps that he has two little daughters of his own, and the oldest one seems to be convinced that Grandpa is a much kinder, nicer person than Father!

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