Bike to Work and/or Beer

I’ve gotten in touch with my inner lawyer, and feel compelled to clarify that today is Bike to Work Day–and not, as I wrote yesterday, Bike to Beer Day

Yes, there is a Bike to Beer event today sponsored by my local bike advocacy organization and a local tavern.

Drunk Cyclist Sticker
The Pride of Flagstaff, AZ

But today is Bike to Work Day across the country.

Does it strike anyone besides me that Bike to Work Day smacks of low expectations?

Bike to Work Day is to dedicated commuters what Saint Patrick’s Day is to our friends over at Drunk Cyclists. It’s for amateurs, but it’s the least they can do.

If you’ve been paying attention at all to any bike blogs and social media this week, you’ve come across that guy who leaves a comment saying, Every week is Bike to Work Week.

And I’ve encountered at least one bike shop that boycotts Bike to Work Week out of ornery spite because, they say, it lowers expectations too much.

I don’t agree.

Many motorists have good intentions about biking to work. It’s the reality of biking that gets in the way. But at least good intentions are a starting point.

If you were a minster, wouldn’t you save your best sermons for Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday–in order to make people want to come year round? Isn’t that better than greeting strangers with, Go to hell, as they approach the church gate?

Planted Bike
Would you sit on this planted bike and let me hand you a beer? Would that work for you?

But for me, Bike to Work Day is pushing the limits on how low the bar can go.

Yay! It’s Bike Month!

Can’t do that? Okay.

It’s Bike to Work Week!

Still too difficult?

Hey! How about Bike to Work Day?


Point Your Bike In The Direction Of Your Workplace Day?

Flip Through a Bike Magazine Day?

Bike to Beer? Now we’re talking!

Or is it bike advocacy reduced to it’s most desperate? Either way, I suppose I’ll take it.

I like beer.

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7 thoughts on “Bike to Work and/or Beer”

  1. BluesCat says:

    Wait a dang minute there, Ted!

    I thoroughly enjoyed that Blue Moon I had at lunch today, as a direct result of the prompting I received from YOUR Bike to Beer article of yesterday!

    NOW yer gonna tell me that it is “not Bike to Beer Day” in the first paragraph of today’s article!?!

    Whattaya … ya expect me to give that beer back? No way, that ain’t happening (er … except in the men’s room here in a little bit; not hardly the same thing).

    The BluesCat IS making it OFFICIAL: today IS Bike to Beer Day. Y’all need to leave your desks IMMEDIATELY and pedal down to the nearest tavern for a mug of your favorite brew so y’all can catch up with me!

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      BluesCat: Anyone who finds themselves recumbent today–as a result of beer–does it in honor of you.

  2. BluesCat says:

    LOL! And on THAT note …

    (Drum roll, please)

    Here is an intimate view of Bluetiful, The Official Bike to Beer Day Mascot
    Bike to Beer Day

  3. swine flu says:

    HELL YES. A coworker of mine has a bike, but doesn’t ride it much anymore. Yesterday I mentioned that it was Bike to Work Day, and now we have plans to commute together sometime soon. Even though I cycle to work regularly and he missed Bike to Work Day, it was impetus enough to plan a bike ride!

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      @swine flu: From you, I’d expect beer to be the primary form of advocacy. Good work.

      Everyone else: Check out swine flu’s blog:

  4. Siouxgeonz says:

    I like the parallel between how to preach to the C & E Christians. Perhaps we should find a second time of the year to have a biking event — and ponder what it is that might sometimes bring somebody back into the church. Perhaps the idea that yea, on Christmas and Easter, people dress up and make it An Event, and … it’s stressful, but you feel guilty if you don’t do it?
    Hmmm… I’m having second thoughts here… but hey, just maybe the comparison would help a “Christ is part of my life, not just the focal point of two stressful holidays” person understand that biking to work once a year is like that — and how the stress factor pretty much disappears when the bicycle is imbued into life.

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      What about a winter Bike to Work Week, or Day? I’ve been thinking about approaching our local advocacy organization about that.

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