Pedal to Properties

Google Maps Bike There just posted a neat video about a real estate company in Boulder that was recently featured on the Google LatLong blog called Pedal to Properties. Pedal to Properties uses Google Maps, included Streetview and searches for nearby businesses, to help potential home buyers get to know the neighborhoods in which they are viewing homes. They also use Google Bike-There Directions to find the best way to get to the houses by bike and provide cruiser bikes to potential buyers so they a feel for the area in which they are looking to own a home by bike. This is a clever way to bridge advanced technology like Google with the simple act of riding a bike to get to know a place better. See, bike mapping is cool!

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2 thoughts on “Pedal to Properties”

  1. I see something like this creating so many jobs…

    For example:
    From a reality company’s standpoint , *somebody* has to make sure the Google Map directions are actually bikeable.

    The – sorry for the spur of the moment term – “Bicycle-distance calibrator” can do this!

    Thanks for letting us know about this, U.C.

    Cullen Carter

    1. That’s a job I’d apply for! Gee, ride my bike around and make sure bike maps are accurate? Sounds great!

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