Guadalajara Ciclovia

Streetfilms recently featured Guadalajara, which is an incredible example of the transformative power of a Cyclovia. The city of Guadalajara, Mexico, has a weekly event called Via RecreActiva, and in just 7 years the event has gone from 7 to 41 miles in length with some 400,000 people coming out every Sunday. The event has strong support from a local group called Guadalajara 2020, which has been fundamental in the event’s success. The city is definitely becoming a great place to ride, as a previous Streetfilms feature about the Paseo de Todos Ride illustrates. It’s great to see this much success from a Cyclovia and is a great reason to advocate for one in your city!

Guadalajara’s Via RecreActiva – The Worlds Most Transformative Ciclovia from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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