Pierre's Fat Tire BOB Trailer

We talk quite a bit about the both the   Extrawheel and   BOB Trailer , and often compare the virtues of these two great single wheeled bike trailers.   We recently got these photos from Pierre, who has taken the spirit of the BOB single wheel trailer and modified it for Fat Biking.    I really can’t tell if this setup would be very practical in many situations, but it sure is fun to look at…

I wanted a big wheel trailer that i can use to go fishing, so i transformed my standard Bob trailer in to a two wheel trailer by adding a rotational feature on the trailer fork, now i can use it as a rode holder, with the fat tires i can ride on the beach to my favorite fishing spot and catch Halibuts here on the Homer Spit in Alaska.

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4 thoughts on “Pierre's Fat Tire BOB Trailer”

  1. That trailer is pretty much what I want! I got two dead Beasts that I can use for parts to make this happen. The review thought this configuration would not be practical? In what way? How did this finally work out?

  2. Russ smith says:

    I have an old surly trailer I would like to turn into a big wheel trailer to haul the dog along and was wondering where you got the attachments to add the tubing and quick releases to hold it together.

  3. mark halpin says:

    Does anyone manufacture a fat bike fat tire trailer. I’m not handy.been searching.need it for fishing beach . disabled veteran. Any guidance appreciated

    1. Melanie Lipton says:

      Hi Mark,
      We aren’t aware of any major trailer manufacturers making fat tire trailers to go with fat bikes. At least, we didn’t see any this year at Interbike, which is the largest trade show in the industry. As I’m sure you’ve discovered, most fat tire trailers have been modified and hacked together. Although you aren’t handy, perhaps you can find someone on the web who has created their own modification who is willing to make one for you? A quick google search netted a few folks out there who are proud of their mods. Might want to see if you can contact them.
      Good luck.

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