The Day Before Bike to Work Day

National Bike to Work Week: Day Four. And I didn’t commute by bike on days one through three.

What!? You say. Tell us it isn’t true, Glorious Leader!

Please stop calling me “Glorious Leader.” It’s embarrassing.

But this is why I didn’t bike to work for three days:

The Day Before Bike to Work Day
Howard Bishop

That majestic animal is Howard Bishop. I did not name him, nor can I explain his name. But Howard and I have walked to work Monday through Wednesday this week because… For some reason, he’s had trouble holding in what should be held in. At home he has had a few majestic accidents on the floor. Bringing him to the office allows me to take him out once or twice during the day.

Howard posed in front of what is obviously the home of a cyclist on our way to work.

Walking to work takes a long damn time — which for me is about 40 minutes, as opposed to my 15 minute bike commute. And the walk has given me some compassion for those who normally drive to work, and who are trying to bike this week. The logistics of biking to work are second nature to me. The logistics of walking to work are full of novelty and second guessing.

Do I wear a backpack, or leave stuff at home? Do I bring an empty backpack in case I need to bring something home? What shoes do I wear?

But by the third day, I was getting used to it.

And then today, something came up. I had an extra errand to run on the way to work adding four miles to my commute. I weakened. I left Howard at home. I rode my bike. I’m crossing my fingers. I used my Ridekick Electric Powered Bike Trailer too, for no cargo-related reason.

My Commute Speed and Elevation
To help me go down the hills

So all I’m saying to you seasoned bike commuters is, Have a little sympathy for the noobs. It really is an adjustment.

And to you noobs I say, If I can adjust to walking, you can probably adjust to biking to work.

And if Howard doesn’t make it through the day without another accident, I’ll be walking again tomorrow, even though it’ll be National Bike to Work Day.

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10 thoughts on “The Day Before Bike to Work Day”

  1. Karen says:

    Howard Bishop might be suffering from giardia, which causes literal bursts of gastrointestinal excitement! Try having 3 dogs with it at the same time. Perhaps you could load Howard on the electric powered bike trailer and take him to the vet? Kaibab Veterinary is right around the corner from BSH.

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      Karen: Howard has been switching between two kinds of food until recently. We think that was the source of his problem. Apparently that’s more difficult on a dog than switching between two modes of commuting. So far his output has been pretty solid.

  2. Matthew S says:

    I didn’t even know it was bike to work week. I biked twice this week and was considering it for Friday. It been a bit difficult due to the 12.5 mile one way trip. Last week was the first week and I made it two days.

  3. BluesCat says:

    Ironic, ain’t it? I’ve been biking to work almost full-time for the last few weeks, more so even than usual. Then comes Bike to Work WEEK and Honey-Dos and job assignments have kept me from riding to work AT ALL.

    Now, today, it’s Bike to Work DAY and guess what … I AIN’T WORKIN’ TODAY!


  4. Ted Johnson says:

    Great news! Howard made it through the day yesterday! Happy Bike to Work Day!

  5. Dr. M says:

    Ted, I think you have not only expanded your compassion for drivers but for the incontinent as well. Bike commuting is second nature to me as it would take forever to walk to most places I need to go.
    I salute you for your get ‘er done attitude. Happy Bike to Work Day!

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      Motorists and incontinent dogs have something in common: They make a big mess that other people must help to clean up. At least Howard feels sorry for the messes he’s made.

      BTW: Owning a dog has about the same carbon footprint as owning an SUV. We have two dogs. So don’t let me get too uppity about motorists.

  6. JonO says:

    Eight out of the last ten days I’ve biked to work. I even added 12 miles to my journey on Wednesday so I could bike to the beach and then back to work. But alas, on the actual Bike to Work DAY, work itself has made it so I had to drive.

    On the bright side, since I had to get in my car, I decided to get gas. After paying $4.40 per gallon, I’m hell bent on getting back on the bike next week. I could have spent that money on two shares of Facebook stock!

  7. rickg says:

    I hope Howard feels better soon! That’s a pretty solid (heh) reason to walk rather than bike. I applaud your commitment. Life gives you lemons, put them in a bag and walk to work with them.

    Me, I’ve been working from home for a couple of years now. I miss being an in-the-loop biking road warrior, but on the other hand, in a car-heavy city like Toronto, it sure is nice not to be on the road unless I really want to be.


  8. listenermark says:

    Beautiful metaphor. I am practicing noob sympathy for at least a week. Best to Howard.

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