Anne Marie's Housecalls with Wandertec

We’re thrilled to start the week off by humbly showing off our own equipment – the Wandertec Bongo. Working together with local metals craftsmen, Stuart Henderson, we launched the Bongo that has become the foundation of Wandertecs new direction.Anne Marie modified the always versatile Bongo to suit her needs as a bike commuting massage therapist.

I [modified the Bongo] to hold my massage table so I could do house-calls without a car! This worked great. Next, I’m building something on the trailer to haul my gear on a long distance ride in Oregon this summer. Stay tuned.

Love our customers’ constantly evolving innovations and will stay tuned, as promised, and look forward to receiving more of your cycling-related submissions. For your more heavy-duty, more involved hauling needs, Wandertec is also in the process of manufacturing the Tuba – becoming available near April’s end. 

Anne Marie’s produces handmade organic skincare products and delivers massage therapy services by bike. For more information: AMRE Massage.

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