Tour du Mont Blanc – mini podcast

Time for something a little different this month. Here comes an interview with Owen Williams, about his bikepacking trip around the mega classic Tour de Mont Blanc.

It’s the first time trying something like this – so please forgive any of the rough edges!

Check out the pics, and dip in to our mini podcasts along the way.



Photo: Owen Rhys Williams

What’s the Tour de Mont Blanc?

Why bikepack it?


Route, logistics and coffee

Photo: Owen Rhys Williams

The Kit

Photo: Owen Rhys Williams

Mechanicals and near misses

Photo: Owen Rhys Williams


Photo: Owen Rhys Williams

Call for comment

  • Did this make you keen to bikepack the Tour du Mont Blanc?
  • Have you had your own European bike packing adventures?

Matt Maynard is a British cyclist, writer, photographer and environmentalist. He is based in Santiago, Chile. Find more of his adventures on Twitter, Facebook and at his website


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One thought on “Tour du Mont Blanc – mini podcast”

  1. Dave says:

    Sounds like a great trip! I backpacked the Tour 25 years ago in 9 days and it rained for 7 of them. I think doing it on a bike would be very challenging but obviously a lot of fun! Just like Owen mentioned, it’s harder to find a place to sleep than you might think. We had a leaky Gore-Tex tent and woke up soaked a couple of times!

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